il-giocatoreWhen you enter the world of gambling, any advantage that you can have will make a difference to the amount you win or lose. Advantage gambling will give you a bit of a lead and it is a scientifically assessed method for winning. A person using these mathematically formulated ways of playing games are usually called advantage players or advantage gamblers. Many casinos and bookmakers do not like these kinds of players and will watch them very closely for illegal activities as some of the methods may border on legality. Clearly, the casinos can stand to lose a lot of money and that would not be good for their business.

Advantage gambling can refer to any kind of gambling, including online slots, poker or even betting on soccer. However, it will take a very skilful player to consistently win against the odds, but it can be done and is taking place every day. Let’s us discuss advantage gambling in some of the popular games.

Poker is a popular game of skill and as it is played against other players online and not against a pre-programmed machine, there is more room for maneuver in taking advantage, especially if you are a skilled player. Start playing online poker for free to learn some rules and the best working strategies or watch the World Series of Poker on television to grab the hidden secrets of the game from top professional poker players.

Counting cards in Blackjack is a common occurrence and this can help yield an advantage, as can tracking shuffles, which takes a very keen eye to master. However, depending on where you are playing, it will depend on whether you are allowed to continue or not once your trick has been noticed. In fact, it is illegal in some American states to use any kind of tricks or methods for winning. Using methods to enhance your winning that significantly change the game of chance are considered to be cheating or illegal.

One advantage gambling method that some find successful is called matched betting. You can use this method for a variety of different sports. The idea is to sign up with different bookmakers online. Most online bookmakers will offer to match the amount you bet in bonuses. Therefore, if you find 2 bookmakers that offer the same odds on the same game, you can bet with one bookmaker to lose, and with the other bookmaker to win. As you have placed a bet that has won with one of the bookmakers you signed up with then you will have gained and can place another bet with the bonus you have received for placing your bets. It sounds a bit complicated but not really once you get started and some people make quite a bit of money from this method of advantage gambling, although there are other tricks to win money.

Strictly related to the above mentioned method is the so called bonus hunting (also known as bonus bagging or bonus whoring). An online casino always offers a casino bonus to entice new players. You can take advantage of these bonuses to win some money without risking your own. There are different types of bonus offers usually available – the main ones are the welcome bonus or sign up bonus matching your deposit, reload bonus, no deposit bonus, weekly and monthly bonus, preferred payment bonus, loyalty rewards bonus, high roller bonus, refer a friend bonus. A good international guide to online casinos and gambling online like will guide you through all these typologies, click here to visit.
Some people have learnt how to throw a dice to their advantage. This is helpful in a game like Craps. Learning this skill, if indeed you truly can, will help to change the luck into something a little more calculated and can thus help you win. It is not easy to master as you have to grip the dice in a certain way and throw it at a certain angle too, this in itself is a skill and an art form, as some would argue.


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