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The beginning of casinos was with games of chance like cards and dice attracting the players, but today the slot machines have taken the cake. These machines are very flamboyant, make a lot of noise and are enjoyable while winning. The slot machine has no way of being beaten and the player is bound to lose. The design of the slot machines is such that they eat up more money then they pay out and thus make income for the casino.

  • Pay a visit to an authentic casino. Casinos are abundant in Las Vegas, Nevada because gambling is legal over there. Casinos are also the ownership of Native American who has them on their own premises. While going on a holiday stay at a hotel which has a casino and also offers as an incentive casino vouchers which can be used in lieu of cash.
  • First get your Player’s Club Card at the casino’s support counter. Then swipe the card in all the slot machines in the casino because this will generate points which can be exchanged for rent-free rooms, food, to shop and you may also get your cash in return.
  • Select the slot machines which disburse most money. Slot machines which do not have a high disbursement ratio are kept in easily accessible places, like near a cash counter or dining area or at the start of a row of slot machines so that you play while you wait and these machines take more money then they give out. It is advisable to enquire with the staff the location of the high disbursing slot machines and the staff is legally bound to give you correct information. Though the slot machines have an average disbursement ratio of 95 percent, this ratio is spread over thousands of plays and does not guarantee that you will win 95 percent of your plays.
  • No gain without any risk and therefore play with high stakes for a bonanza. A dollar or five-dollar slot machine will have a higher disbursement ratio then one with nickels and dimes. It is to be noted that higher disbursements are by three reel machines situated in one area.
  • Each machine has a unique Random Number Generator which is continually producing varied sequences of digits even when idle. The knack is to play that machine when the jackpot digits are being produced which is just a part of luck. Slot machines can go for very long periods without being hit or might give you two hits in one day and the average for the three-reel slot is 1 in 27,000 hits.
  • The IRS has to be notified of winnings above $1,200 and therefore note down all your losses because you can write them off against your wins whiling filing your taxes.

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  • Daniel Bethe says:

    You say, “It is advisable to enquire with the staff the location of the high disbursing slot machines and the staff is legally bound to give you correct information.” If you’re referring to the payout percentage, then this is true of American-owned facilities but not necessarily true of tribal-owned facilities. In Arizona, the tribal facilities are required to share and comply with Arizona’s percentage, but not to report it.

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