PostHeaderIcon Different Types Of Odds Offered By Online Bookies

Punters usually have a choice of three types of sports betting odds offered by online bookies. These are: fractional, decimal and American.

Fractional odds are the standard in the UK. Fractional odds inform bettors the amount of profit they will receive in return for a single unit bet set against the total amount they can expect from a single unit bet. For instance, fractional odds of 2/1 will give twice for each single unit bet. Where a customer accepts a 10/1 offer in fractional odds, he will earn x 10 for each single unit bet – in this example that would work out at £100.

The decimal odds method shows the amount that can be earned from a single unit stake (e.g., £1). It provides punters an easy way of estimating the amount they would receive on a successful bet, which also takes account of their original stake. The stake is multiplied by the quoted decimal price. This means that 5.00 decimal odds would generate a total amount of £50 comprising £20 in profit and the return stake of £10.

Where American odds are quoted, if the odds show a plus (+) symbol, this is the sum to be won for a 100 unit stake. Where a minus (-) symbol is displayed, this shows the amount required to stake in order to win 100 units. A price of +400 earns £4 plus the £1 return stake. A price of -400 earns £0.25 for each £1 staked, including the original £1 stake.


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