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Those who are compulsive gamblers do not themselves easily go for assistance for their problem. They have to be cajoled or even threatened to consult a counselor for help with their problem. It is left to their near and dear ones to goad these obsessive gamblers to get cured and start living life in full enjoyment without being baited by any gambling.

A doctor for an analysis of the obsession for gambling may call for the gambler to undergo rehabilitation. There might be instances where gambling is done due to peer pressure and here the counselor may advise the affected person to become part of a particular group indulging in worship. Any one is addicted to gamble with the purpose of alleviating traumatic pressure may be persuaded to undertake strenuous manual pursuit on a daily basis. Playing physical sports has shown results of diminishing such pressures. When persons take the path of gambling for financial gains, the doctor may suggest counseling with a financial consultant in order to plan debt repayment schedule.

Alter Approach to Life
Birds of a feather flock together; hence it may advisable to change your association from a group of other obsessive gamblers to another group. Obsessive gambling is not the bane of every person, but it will not give you any encourage for rehabilitation if you still associate with obsessive gamblers. By associating with non-gamblers you increase your chances of not giving in to the urge for gambling. It is also prudent to hand over the control of your finances till you have regained your confidence. Your chances of having success in your treatment are enhanced if there are no credit cards left and you have a custodian to look after your financial resources.

Gamblers undergoing Rehabilitation
There is a support group called Gamblers Anonymous whose active membership helps a person to understand that is not alone in this situation. There are group meetings and a 12 point program whereby Gamblers Anonymous help individuals to rehabilitate themselves. The website of Gamblers Anonymous announces that there are no joining fees required except an inherent strong will to rehabilitate himself. While undergoing group therapy, affected gamblers are allowed to discuss their experiences which helped or did not help them in curing themselves. Here the individuals are allowed a censor free atmosphere and are permitted to elaborate about their sickness amongst friendly members who support the individuals to rehabilitate themselves.


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  • Robert Geczi says:

    Gambling addiction is a terrible disease. Often times people don’t even know they “have it” till later on. It really sneaks up on you. The key is to have a good support group around you, and good rehab options. With those two solidly in place, there is a good chance the addict can turn their situation around for the better.

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