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PostHeaderIcon Looking For Online Casino Games That Offer An Advantageous House Edge?

The house edge can play a big role in determining your end results in any casino game. Check out this list for some of these house edge-friendly games.

House edge plays an important role in determining the odds of winning a hand at a particular casino game. Undeniably, at the end of the day, the house wins, but having better control on the game can put the ball in your court. You need to make a clever selection, not only in terms of payout rate and game choice, but also the advantage held by the casino, and hence choose the casino games with the better house edge. Here’s a sorted list of what all options you have.

Keno is probably the only casino game with a very high house edge in excess of 20%. This has to do with the way this game is played, where you have to select a few numbers from a group of 80. Your winnings are decided on the basis of how many of your chosen numbers match in position with the 20 selected by the house.

Jumbo Slot
Besides following the four tricks to increase your chances of winning at slot machines, the only way to increase the chances of winning a hand at this game is to play higher denominations. The house edge lies between 3-20%.

Depending upon the rules and the number of zeroes on the wheels, house edge in the game of roulette can vary a lot. It can be as high as 5.26% on double zero and almost half (2.7%) on single zero. You get same returns on a roulette wheel for a majority of bets, and the main tactic behind tackling this game is to dig out a game with player-friendly rules.

Certainly one of the easiest games to learn, Baccarat is available in many formats. You can either bet on a player with 1.2% house-edge or the banker with 1% house-edge. Don’t get fazed by the rules, as the dealer is there to take care of it. Odds of winning are inversely proportional to the difficulty of the format. Avoid placing bets such as betting a tie (14% house-edge) or a pair (10% house-edge).

You’ll find a lot of exotic bets at the game of craps, however, it becomes quite simple if you limit yourself to take pass or come bets or full odds. There is literally no house edge on the odds, while the most basic limit is 1.4% which is a good deal on the Pass Line. Some of the bets have an edge of more than 10%, but if you hit that, it can be a real bonus.

In the game of blackjack, you are required to maneuver your decisions on the basis of the cards, depending upon the set of rules and the decks. One should be good at memorizing numerous combinations, with the house edge varying between 0.2% to 2%.

In this case, you are competing against your opponent players, rather than the house. The casino takes a small portion of the stake as a processing fee, and if you are good enough at this game, you can easily nullify this factor as well. However, poker is not an easy affair to master, but once you do it, make the most out of your skills!


PostHeaderIcon Different Types Of Odds Offered By Online Bookies

Punters usually have a choice of three types of sports betting odds offered by online bookies. These are: fractional, decimal and American.

Fractional odds are the standard in the UK. Fractional odds inform bettors the amount of profit they will receive in return for a single unit bet set against the total amount they can expect from a single unit bet. For instance, fractional odds of 2/1 will give twice for each single unit bet. Where a customer accepts a 10/1 offer in fractional odds, he will earn x 10 for each single unit bet – in this example that would work out at £100.

The decimal odds method shows the amount that can be earned from a single unit stake (e.g., £1). It provides punters an easy way of estimating the amount they would receive on a successful bet, which also takes account of their original stake. The stake is multiplied by the quoted decimal price. This means that 5.00 decimal odds would generate a total amount of £50 comprising £20 in profit and the return stake of £10.

Where American odds are quoted, if the odds show a plus (+) symbol, this is the sum to be won for a 100 unit stake. Where a minus (-) symbol is displayed, this shows the amount required to stake in order to win 100 units. A price of +400 earns £4 plus the £1 return stake. A price of -400 earns £0.25 for each £1 staked, including the original £1 stake.


PostHeaderIcon 4 Smart Tricks To Increase Your Chances Of Winning At Slot Machines

glitter-dollarIf you have been playing slots in a land based casino, then you are probably familiar with the common superstitions most players believe in. From “avoid the machines located near the entrance or the ones near the bathroom” to “you can only win if you play the machines near the elevator”, we bet you heard them all.
While these facts might be true for brick and walls casinos, things are completely different in online slots. With the doors, restrooms and elevators gone, online slot machines allow you to concentrate more on the game, rather than relying on bizarre systems to win. Speaking of winning, if you want to cash out at online slots more frequently, then consider these tips the next time you play.

1. Use the bonuses

With the abundance of online casinos these days, it’s virtually impossible not to find at least one bonus code to take advantage of next time you want to play slots. Because the codes don’t always apply for online slot machines, you should verify that you selected the right one beforehand. Besides the codes, don’t forget to check out the other promotions and bonuses offered by casinos, such as high roller bonuses, free spins, match bonuses or no deposit bonuses. In regards to the latter, make sure you are comfortable with the wagering restriction policy imposed by the casino.

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PostHeaderIcon Gambling Online Basics

When playing at online casinos, it is acknowledged by all that is vital to keep safety in mind. Online gambling involves the transfer over the Internet of a substantial amount of cash. Those who have undertaken such transfers are very well aware of the need to safeguard one’s money. What is to be done so that the details are not easily accessible to the public? Never ever divulge your personal details to anyone online including the site wherein you are playing. This will further ensure that your bank details are kept confidential and are not privy to prying eyes.

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PostHeaderIcon Keeping your Money safe

It is essential that you take all precautions to safeguard your money while playing online, for it is not very hard to incur debts. People who are addicted to gambling should never play with monetary stakes. The following advice is for those individuals who would like to enjoy gambling without losing much money. It is not wrong to gamble with some money just to enjoy it. But if you are playing so as to earn money then you should recognize that you cannot make money if you keep on losing it.

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PostHeaderIcon Gambling can cause 10 problems

As opined by ‘Keeping the Score’, gambling does not always pose problems until one is obsessed with it. Even acknowledges that gambling may become compulsive and associates it with the consequence of a mixture of natural weaknesses, thought processes and anxiety.

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PostHeaderIcon Finding a Good Roulette Casino

rouletteIf you are currently planning a trip to Las Vegas, you would definitely want to know about some of the best roulette casinos. This is particularly true of gamblers who do not wish to spend luxuriously on betting and have a keen eye for specific kinds of games. In such a scenario, you will have to search thoroughly for the elements that make for the best roulette casino. Quite similar to poker players looking for the best card casinos, roulette players wish for best table casinos, where they will get the most excitement and action. In addition to this, they will also prefer tables that increase the probability of higher payoffs. If you come under this category of players, you will need to familiarize yourself with the elements that make for a good roulette casino so you can make the best out of your vacation.

The most basic thing you need to find out is the house rules governing any casino. There may be quite diverse rules concerning this; in some places, paying the house proceeds every bet you make, while in others the odds keep changing in accordance with the American or European roulette wheel. You should prefer the conventional roulette, since you might get confused with certain modifications. There is a great deal of argument over which style out of the European and American ones is better, but it is really a matter of which one best suits your personal needs.

Once you familiarize yourself with the house rules, you need to know the general reputation of the casino. This is a major decision, because serious gambling means that you are going to be significantly affected in financial terms. The best options would definitely be those about which there is considerable buzz amongst roulette players.

If this is not so, you should think twice before choosing any such casino. The main purpose of casinos is to develop trust within their customers so that they come back again and again, along with suggesting the casino to their fellow gambler friends. Before aimlessly walking into any casino, make sure you have gone through online reviews. This will not only save a great deal of effort, but also reduce costs as you will not go around betting in just any casino.

After taking into consideration all these aspects, you might as well look for any perks being offered by the casinos. Just as online casinos offer bonus and promotions to bring in new players, you may get to avail a free round of games, or free drinks, or any other kind of attraction in a particular casino. However, these promotional offers must be secondary to choosing the best roulette tables. Some casinos simply offer too many complements because they are lacking in the main game: that is, the roulette.


PostHeaderIcon The Magical World Of The Online Casino

magic casino worldThese days gambling fans can choose from a wide variety of wonderful online casino games.
Since day one casinos have been surrounded with an exciting atmosphere. Not only because of the chances of winning actual money, but also because of the grand interior of casinos which give off a feeling of wealth and luxury. A place that is nice to go to and to be seen.

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PostHeaderIcon Finding The Best Online Casino

the best casinoIf you really want an advantage while gambling online the first thing you can do is to choose the right casino. Nowadays there are quite a number of online casinos. But how can we ascertain whether an online casino is the best? This is actually the big question. Once you get to know the basic facts and things about online casinos, the next step would entail getting the finer facts such as which of the casinos is best suited for you. However, this is not such an easy thing to do as most people would think. It entails a lot of inspection, analysis and selection which can be time consuming.

It is advisable to go for online casinos that boast of a good reputation. Normally, these casinos would be safe and the best but they are expensive. Well, there may be other online casinos that charge relatively less prices but you are not guaranteed that their quality is up to the required standards. In the process of saving money, I mean going for a cheaper online casino, you may find yourself regretting. Always think twice when the deal is so good.

Joining forums on online casino topics will make you understand in depth about online casinos. This is where you get to hear the experiences of other users and make your decisions appropriately. But remember that if you want to gain a lot, always be that person who participates a lot as there is power in sharing. When it comes to sharing information in online casinos sites, be extremely careful. Avoid giving out personal information such as your account number because it could serve as a gateway to theft. If however you must, then consider opening an account specifically meant for online gaming. This way, you will be much more convenient to try anything. Anything!

In conclusion, the best online casino should always be safe and you should be comfortable playing there. Finding it however can prove to be challenging but with determination, carefulness and preparedness, trust me you will land yourself exactly what you need.


PostHeaderIcon Locate genuine online sites to gamble

Locating genuine online sites to play is very difficult. The interested players can locate useful and authentic online casinos by visiting various sites which give valid and helpful information about these online casinos. The million dollar question is which site to choose to play on. If the player intends to be a long time player then it is advisable to choose an online site which is authentic and enjoys a good name amongst the clients. If you are just starting to play online then you should choose wisely the online casino and only after a thorough research about its genuineness.

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