PostHeaderIcon Ridding your Gambling Obsession Immediately

Is your decision to stop gambling because it is the cause of your obsession? Then you should be admired for this courageous decision. It is very difficult to quit the habit of gambling because quitting will leave a big gap in your daily routine. It becomes more challenging when you are used to gambling to relieve the pressures and tensions in your life.

You have to affirm daily that you will not gamble. After waking up every morning you have to assert to yourself that you will not bet because you have decided to get rid of this habit of betting.

Take a paper and pen and note down all the good things which will happen once you stop gambling.
The different ways you will enjoy your life once you have got rid of this obsession of compulsive gambling. These notations will mostly number a lot, since you will realize in how many different ways you have been adversely affected because of this compulsive betting habit.

A start will be to inform all the casinos you had visited till date and get them to strike your name off their members’ register. This help you avoid unnecessary enticements from these institutions while you are undertaking the difficult task of getting rid of your habit of betting.

Pack your day with activities and various tasks to be performed. Ensure that you are busy all the hours of the day and that you do not have any spare time to waste away in gambling. Such hectic activity filled hours and days will go a long way in helping you get rid of your obsession since your existence is filled and surrounded by more meaningful actions and associations.

Cash needed for your bare daily expenses should be kept so that the lure of gambling is averted when you have extra cash to play with. You can take assistance of a close friend or a member of your family.

Joining a support group like The Gamblers Anonymous or even an online one might help you.
These group members will help you firm up your determination and also assuage your frustrating tendencies. The need of the hour will be having extreme patience and a strong will to see this task successfully to the end.

Advisable to approach a counselor if this act of getting rid of your obsession is leading to a despondent state of mind and giving rise to suicidal tendencies. The safety of your life is primary and a professional counselor will assist you to get rid of this habit and salvage your life.


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